Liquiditys liquidation truckloads merchandise conditions

Merchandise Conditions

What Merchandise Conditions Do We Sell On Liquiditys?

At Liquiditys, we believe in providing accurate and transparent information to our customers. By categorizing our inventory into different conditions, we ensure that our customers know exactly what they are buying and at what price. Whether you are looking for brand new products, retail ready returns, closeouts or discounted items, we have something for everyone in our inventory.

Our inventory is divided into four categories: "Brand New", "Box Damage", "Returns", and "Mixed". 


Inventory is in perfect condition and ready for retail sales. This inventory has no defects, signs of use, and comes in the original manufacturer's packaging, which is still factory-sealed.

Box Damage

Inventory comes in its original packaging. However, there might be slight damage to the packaging due to handling during transport or storage. This inventory may not be perfect, but it is still in excellent condition and is sold at a discounted price.


Inventory has been previously sold to an end-user and then returned. This inventory may have some defects or missing components, accessories, and documentation. Although our success rate for this inventory is estimated to be 75%, we cannot provide any warranties, and the product is sold "AS IS" with no guarantees on cosmetic or operational condition.


Inventory is a combination of different conditions. This category contains a mixture of brand new, box damage, and returned inventory. The price of this inventory is determined based on the quality and packaging of each item.