Liquiditys liquidation truckloads pallets delivery options

Delivery Options

At Liquiditys, we've established partnerships with industry-leading logistics companies to optimize your shipping process. Please consult with your assigned Agent prior to making a purchase to obtain a freight quote for your shipment. Global shipping is available, but it is the customer's responsibility to cover any applicable country taxes upon receipt of their inventory.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Prior to placing your order, the lead times will be communicated to you. Typically, pay-to-landing times average approximately four days. Once payment has been processed, your designated agent will arrange for shipping and provide you with specific details regarding the anticipated date and time of delivery. Our partnership with top-tier logistics companies ensures that the transportation of your merchandise will be both quick and trouble-free.

Can I pickup my order from your warehouse?

Depending on the acquired inventory, a different shipping method will be used. The majority of our inventory is sold Direct from the manufacturer or retailer, so the goods aren't accessible for self-pickup. Your designated agent will provide you with shipping quotes and handle all of the logistics of transportation on your behalf.

Occasionally, provided you have the right shipping supplies, you can arrange self pickup. Please check the shipment information to see whether self-pickup is an option. Please be aware that, unless otherwise stated on the listing, you will not be able to pick up the items yourself or select a different shipping option.

Payment must be made in full before you can arrange for shipping.

Do you ship to South America?

At Liquiditys, we are pleased to offer export options for all of our merchandise. Our team is happy to load containers at no additional fee, making it easy to meet your liquidation merchandise needs. Simply speak with one of our agents to arrange for freight and we'll take care of the rest!